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UX Design Services

Our UX process is a strategic approach that works from the ground up to discover your business, product, or service, your potential buyers, and how you provide value to them. We work out the findings to craft experiences.

Research & Analysis

UX process starts with research and analysis where we study your business and the product, your audience, and how they will interact with your product or service and research the competitors.

Information Architecture

We prepare comprehensive architecture for your digital product which entails the customer journey, application functions, behaviors, and flows. This document helps in understanding the product for different teams and building new features.


We create Wireframes defining the website structure, page layouts, and the relationships between them. It is a schematic displaying various key elements of the product that helps in communicating the structure with design teams.

Content Strategy

We ensure the content on your app or website is as per the design, navigates the user to the right place, and provides the right flow. The content has to be rendered at the right time, right place, and align with the visuals.


At this stage, you can see the design and layout of your website or app taking place based on our UX strategy. We build prototypes of various fidelity levels to test design concepts and user responses and to improve further on the product.

Usability Testing

We define the testing objectives and assign tasks to the teams for testing the app or website. We collect the data from the testers and create reports with actionable plans to improve the usability of the product.


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Why choose Codingkart for UX design services?

Extensive Experience

Our UX teams at Codingkart have cross-industry experience working with various product ideas, services, and use cases. This has provided us with immense experience carving winning experiences.

Expert Services

We are passionate engineers, designers, and subject matter experts who have built solutions that have solved complex challenges for global businesses.

Custom Solutions

We believe to stand out from the competition, cookie-cutter solutions don’t work. We strive to build unique solutions from scratch helping you stay ahead of the game.

Technical Support

We are available round the clock to support your growing website or ecommerce store. You can reach out to us for troubleshooting, updates, or emergency support.

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