Store Build and Redesign

Our approach is to build a store that doesn’t just look good but has an interactive UI, a better UX, and is easy to manage and scale. Whether you are doing a fresh start or want to redesign your store, our experts will work out the design and flow of your website taking into account your niche, audience, and brand.

  • Shopify Plus Store Setup
  • Shopify Theme Installation
  • Shopify App Configuration
  • Responsive Design
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Product and Collection Setup

Shopify products and the collections page are where your customers spend most of the time. In fact, you can win or lose customers on this page the way the products are displayed. We help set up products and organize collections that are easy to navigate, have a clean design, and offer an authentic shopping experience to your customers.

  • Shopify Collections Page
  • Shopify Product Page Optimization
  • Shopify Subscriptions Products
  • Shopify Gift Cards Setup

Custom Visual Elements

A unique store that stands out with an attractive story is always exciting to explore. Move a step ahead of your competitors by customizing the theme with custom banners, elements, and effects that reflect your branding. Our design experts will come up with a complete makeover elevating your brand identity and connecting you with your audience.

  • Custom Banners and Buttons
  • Custom Visual Effects
  • Fonts and Typography

Shopify Store Settings Configuration

Shopify now is much more than an online store builder. It offers multiple settings to manage the store and run it smoothly. Our experts can help you configure the store and set up payments, shipping, analytics, tracking, custom URLs, and much more to make sure you are running your online store to its full potential.

  • Custom Store URLs
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Shipping Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Website Access Controls

Shopify POS Setup

Shopify POS is everything you need to sell in person and in turn backed by everything you need to sell online. We help you sync your store with the Shopify POS system that connects inventory, manages staff permissions, provides quick access to customer profiles, and much more.

  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Custom Staff Permissions
  • Unified Reporting
  • Synced Customer Profiles

Need help?

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