Custom Apps & Integrations

We help Shopify merchants by developing custom apps and integrating their store to third-party systems via APIs that solve complex problems. Our Shopify experts leverage Shopify's latest features to build, tweak and change the way apps works to build solutions to challenging business problems.

  • Custom App Development
  • App Customization
  • API Integration

Shopify App Installation

Shopify offers a wide gamut of apps that serve different functions and come with various features. On installation, the Shopify app injects several scripts and code into the theme and may also access API to communicate. We ensure seamless app installation or integration to your store and fix any other malfunctions that might occur.

  • App Setup
  • Basic Configuration
  • API Integration

Custom Theme Development

There are plenty of themes in the Shopify store but not every time you find the ones you need. Our experts can customize an existing Shopify theme to suit your needs or build one from scratch. We build highly optimized themes either from the designs your team provides or building completely from the ground up.

  • Theme Development
  • Theme Customization
  • Responsive Design

Custom Domain Setup

A custom domain name gives your business credibility, top rankings for similar keywords and makes it easier for users to find you. The default Shopify domain name carries a URL with your brand name and that's not how you want to be denoted. We help you set up a custom domain name for your business that reflects who you are.

  • Domain Name Configuration
  • Custom URLs
  • DNS Settings
  • URL Redirects

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Frequent app and theme updates along with other customizations may cause performance issues and in extreme cases, your site may become unresponsive to customers. We offer troubleshooting and maintenance services to quickly find and fix the issues and get back your store running ever smooth.

  • Theme Errors
  • App Issues
  • Inventory Errors
  • Payment Issues

Need help?

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