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Scott Peters
Scott Peters wordpress

Ganesh is a great, creative and hardworking developer. He is very dedicated to helping you solve your problems and research issues. He is easy to communicate with and is very upfront on expectations. He is friendly and I will be looking to him in the future for our website needs.

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Maximilian Barth
Maximilian Barth wordpress

Abhinav and his teammate did an amazing job helping me to optimize our website speed and performance. He kept up the agreed hours for the job and finished the project in time. The communication and English skills were perfectly understanding and positive all the way. He even helped me to fix an issuer after the job was done without charge. The team really puts the customer first and are highly motivated to support wherever they can. Highly recommended!

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Omar Fagundo
Omar Fagundo wordpress

Hi everybody, This is a big thank you to Abhinav, Ganesh, and the rest of the team over there at Codingkart. From the jump, I knew that they were the right company to work with for my particular solution. My name is Omar Fagundo and I am the founder of Objectt and we do 3D product configurators for the building materials industry. Now when I was out there searching for the right team to turn my ideas into reality I had a lot of options but I found that Codingkart had the particular set of skills that were needed to turn my concept into a real business. So I was able to meet with Abhinav and he was very friendly very helpful and he knew that they were the right company for me. He quickly showed me some other 3d product configurators that they had created for other people. Now I knew that my particular solution was going to be a little bit different right because in building materials we don't have very normal standard products, we have everything very custom. I knew it was going to be a little bit difficult for us to create what I wanted to do but it really ultimately was not because I was in the right hands with a team over at Codingkart. I immediately started to get to work with Ganesh he had to come up to speed and had a little bit of a learning curve in order to understand the platform that we're working with which was Shape Diver. Ganesh quickly read the documentation and he got to work with the rest of my team. In no time at all, I had my very own online-based 3d product configurator which absolutely blew my mind. It works fine and not only it was able to turn my idea into reality, but also put on a website. He found ways to improve our website, set us up with a WooCommerce account, and now we are well on our way to start selling building materials online using this 3d product configurator. So again big thank you for Ganesh, a big thank you to Abhinav, and big thank you to the rest of the team at Codingkart. They're professional they're very responsive they get the job done. I really couldn't imagine going down this journey without them. So I hope this is helpful to you. I would highly recommend them to anybody and I will definitely continue to use their services going forward.

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Anu Mody
Anu Mody wordpress

Really enjoyed working with Codingkart. They are quick, really understand the issue and just excellent. Hope to work on many future projects with them!

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Aleksi Kellokoski
Aleksi Kellokoski wordpress

Very talented with WordPress and Woocommerce code, created complex product configurator with price query from price matrix very fast. Including custom price query, price algorithms, product measurement pricing, real-time material selection for product and easy to use discount feature with great display of discounted and regular price for the customer. Easy communication via Skype solved all questions and questions I had. Great suggestions from Abhinav to make the end-product better and easier for customers to use. Will definitely continue to use CodingKart and Abhinav on our upcoming projects.

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John Mah
John Mah wordpress

Great work! Knows what I want, Very Patient and easy to communicate with. Will hire again!

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Emil Broberg Anderen
Emil Broberg Anderen wordpress

Super experience. I've worked with Codingkart for more than 2 years, and I can honestly recommend them to anyone searching for a professional IT solution. I've worked together with several other freelancers, and I always end up using Codingkart for most of my work.

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Toto Yeung
Toto Yeung shopify

Nice work! I enjoyed working with Rakesh, And we love the outcome as well!

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Radyar Shirvanloo
Radyar Shirvanloo wordpress

Very experienced, I tried to do my job with other freelancers but they couldn't do it. They are also generous with their time in making changes and corrections, and they executed my vision and feedback extremely well.

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Adam Countryman
Adam Countryman wordpress

I've worked with Abhi multiple times now. He's been a huge help and I'm starting another project with him immediately after closing this one. He seems to have knowledge of everything I've thrown at him, he's a great developer to have a relationship with as a growing business with increasing development needs.

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 Brookes Nohlgren
Brookes Nohlgren wordpress

Abhi and his team are very skilled and do beautiful work. They are also generous with their time in making changes and corrections, and they executed my vision and feedback extremely well. They are also very pleasant to deal with. Now that the site is built, I will continue to use them for my ongoing webmaster needs. Thank you, Abhi! I look forward to a long, happy relationship!

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Christoph Ewers
Christoph Ewers wordpress

Abhinav delivered fantastic work for this development project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch and his skills were very strong. I can't say anything negative. I enjoyed working with Abhinav and will definitely have another job for him shortly. Thank you very much, Abhinav.

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Kristi Wray
Kristi Wray wordpress

Thank you for everything. You are excellent to work with and have given me excellent well informed suggestions and helped me immensely, thank you. I would defiantly recommend you to anyone.

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Mateusz Nalecz
Mateusz Nalecz wordpress

Ganesh is incredible. Not only did he do the job that I asked of him (quickly, efficiently, and perfectly); he also gave some suggestions from his side which he implemented and made everything work better. Believe me, just hire this guy and leave your work in his hands. I don't believe that anyone out there can do it better! Will 100% be using Ganesh again and again and my website will easily just get better and better! So happy I have found this gem of a person!

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Nicholas Bradwell
Nicholas Bradwell wordpress

Ganesh and his team worked efficiently to create an efficient and effective landing page for our subscription business. Changes were handled quickly and communication was quick and easy. Will certainly be working with his team again.

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Nik Bando
Nik Bando wordpress

Abhi was extremely helpful and quick to find solutions that were difficult for me to articulate as a non-technical person. He made the process very simple. It was a pleasure to work with him on our first project, and I'm excited to hire him again for future work.

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Tri Dang
Tri Dang wordpress

Best developer I have worked with. Just check our website Abhinav made for us: 100% Satisfaction! Contact me for a reference about the developer. Super customer service 24/7!

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Christian Bohdan
Christian Bohdan wordpress

Ganesh was a life savior for our project. I'd recommend him highly to any companies —and particularly companies in North America and Europe — that are looking to get quality programming done at an affordable cost.

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Joyce Rodríguez
Joyce Rodríguez wordpress

It has been very easy to work with Ganesh, he has understood and solved the problem I had and the communication was very fast and efficient. I would recommend him without a doubt.

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Pete Lock
Pete Lock wordpress

Great working with Ganesh and Abhinav. They completed the job quickly and very accurately. Smart guys with excellent communication.

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Roee Klinger
Roee Klinger wordpress

Codingkart and Abhinav did an amazing job, they were available 24/7 hours for every feature I wanted added and fixed every bug. They are fluent in English and had multiple Zoom calls with me, going through every little detail and concern I had, they ended up delivering an amazing plugin tailored to my needs. I will definitely work with them in the future again, hopefully soon. They have my warm recommendation!

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Corvin Schwarzer
Corvin Schwarzer wordpress

Very professional way of working, friendly and effective communication.

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Michael Elias
Michael Elias wordpress

Amazing responsiveness and communication. Enjoyed working with a real person who gave honest and experienced feedback and worked collaboratively with us to ensure we achieved the optimal outcome. Highly Recommend!

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Maxwell Stephens
Maxwell Stephens wordpress

Team CodingKart does a great job working on custom e-commerce plugins. I highly recommend them if you want a team that is dynamic, scrappy, and able to deliver quality work.

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Alexander Christensen
Alexander Christensen wordpress

As always it is a pleasure! Best team yet!

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Tony Giametta
Tony Giametta wordpress

This is the second job I have hired this company to complete for me. I am very pleased with quality of work they do. The interface was thoughtfully prepared to attract and keep customers until purchase. The website was also prepared in a way that it will take little work and Wordpress knowledge to maintain.

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Des Mcmanus
Des Mcmanus wordpress

Used previously, very good at getting the job complete and under specific requirements. Work was completed to a good standard and any issues we had were quickly resolved. Would definitively recommend.

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Patrick Skou
Patrick Skou wordpress

Codingkart has good developers who are good in English and can communicate well. They are good at making changes after feedback from us and finding smart solutions. We made some changes along the way and they are very adaptive and delivered what we needed.

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Grishka Bonlong
Grishka Bonlong wordpress

It has been a pleasure to work with Abhinav. His communication throughout the entire project was excellent.

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Marco Fabian
Marco Fabian wordpress

Abhi and his team from Codingkart really know their business. He fixed an apparently really simple problem with Woo Subscriptions on my store without even coding. All other experts I had to check the problem, had no clue but came up with solutions like coding a new plugin or coding an extra checkout loop, etc... So if you have issues with your cart/checkout I can highly recommend these guys! Cheers & until next time.

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Andrew Eredia
Andrew Eredia wordpress

This guy is great to work with! His English is so well, you would think you are working with someone in the states. Knows his stuff and got the job done quickly, Will gladly hire again.

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Azam Kassim
Azam Kassim wordpress

These guys are fantastic and they know what they are doing. Highly recommended!

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Barrett Wakefield
Barrett Wakefield wordpress

Great guy to work with. Exceeded expectations and found great ways to improve the shopping experience. Very patient and works hard.

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Cameron Versluis
Cameron Versluis wordpress

Great experience! A very lightweight plugin developed on time and to spec. Really enjoyed working with Abhinav!

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Nicolas Tirone
Nicolas Tirone shopify

We believe every person is unique and different and has a different set of choices. That's why we wanted to provide personalized jewellery to our customers through our online store To achieve our purpose, we were looking for a technology partner who could build us a product customizer application on our website. We approached Codingkart IT Solutions to build a name necklace builder with multiple options on our Shopify store. Our biggest challenge was to create the font colour identical to the metal user selects and make the font combine with the necklace so that it looks clean and real. Codingkart came up with a custom application for our Shopify store to meet our requirements. They made the user interface interactive with multiple options and the backend of the app easy for us to manage. They are experts in building custom solutions like this product configurator. Their team is highly skilled in solving problems and delivering outstanding products. From onboarding to delivering the project it was amazing and super easy to work with Codingkart. They were quick, responsive and knowledgeable in their work and skills. I would personally like to thank Ganesh and Abhinav and the whole Codingkart team for being our virtual technology partner.

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Lior Pozin
Lior Pozin wordpress

My name is Lior Pozin. I am the Co-Founder and CEO at, the leading dropshipping platform. We have been working with Ganesh and Codingkart for over two years and we are so happy with the quality of the code. And for this Ganesh and his developers have always been there for us. At any time with any issue, they were always there to help us. I am also happy for the quality of code and the speed that we always could get someone to help us with any issue or anything that we would need to develop. So thank you for the high quality. Thanks for everything that you've done for us. Highly recommend them to everyone who wants to expand their development power and that's all. Thank you.

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